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The Art of Wig Design and Production “Not just Wigs”



This is not your average wig course!

Finally… a Certified Wig and Unit Course…

Don’t be fooled, it’s so much more than sewing hair on a base in the Custom Wig world. Nobody is teaching this in the USA.

Let’s be frank, there is nothing unique about a Stock Wig. If you can’t size you can’t Customize. Stock wigs have been around hundreds of years; it’s time to go Custom or Go Home! This course will Graduate you from an average Wig Maker or Weaver to a Custom Wig Maker .

Separate yourself & Elevate your Wig Game!

This course has been upgraded with even more valuable information to Level Up Your Wig Business!

In this course you will learn the Art of Wig Design & Production and how to design your own Custom Wigs and hair pieces. You’ll never have to refer or turn down another client from lack of knowledge or Skill.

Note – This is a Dual 2 part course with Hands on Training From a Basic Hand Method to a Sewing Machine Method. Learning the Machine Method will increase your efficiency and productivity.

(Theory) You must understand the Basic Foundation of Wig Making before you become advanced.

*Starter Kit Included: Everything you’ll need to make your 5 designs in class ( 3 units 2 hair pieces) will be Taught and Produced in class! Your projects will be ready to retail to get your ROI (Return on Investment) by the end of day.

📣What you will you learn:

  • Learn and Create 5 of the most requested Designs in salon’s today
  • How to Create Patterns for any custom piece
  • Stock vs. Custom
  • Blueprinting & Setup
  • Density Control & Balance
  • How to properly Measure to arrive at proper sizing for customization
  • Learn different base options (Patterns and Foundations)
  • How to Design and Select for your client’s specific needs
  • How to Properly Consult to Produce any Hair Piece
  • Learn to Identify your New Target Audience
  • Installation Options
  • Wholesale Resources for all Material needed for your Wig Business
  • Bonus: How to add Retail Human hair Extension Sales to your Wig Business to Maximize Profit

📣What you need to Bring

  • Tripod
  • Wig Blocks for both  21 & 22.5
  • Manikin with at least 4′ of hair
  • Basic Sewing Machine Recommend, Brother or Singer (Manual )

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Course Deposit $200.00


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