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Hair Wigs & Weaves in Stafford, TX

H-W-E Full Custom Cranial Prosthesis

Price: $750.00+

*Partial custom units and hair pieces available for thinning or bald coverage

A cranial prosthesis (hair prosthesis) is a custom-made natural looking hair piece made of human hair woven into a prosthetic scalp that is especially created to fit the shape of a client’s scalp. It is specifically designed for clients who have lost their hair as a result of possible medical conditions or treatment.

There are several medical conditions or treatments that would cause a client to need a cranial prosthesis. Alopecia areata is a health condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, but most often from the scalp. Alopecia totalis is the loss of all hair, and trichotillomania, which is classified as an impulse control disorder, is the urge for one to pull out ones own hair. Chemotherapy is widely known to cause hair loss but there are other clinical treatments and diseases with the same tragic results.

H-W-E Fusion Single Strands

Price: $600.00 - $950+

This method is done by attaching very small hair extensions throughout the entire head by using cold or hot fusion. The finish look is natural and free flowing. This method can also be installed as a partial hair extension.

Personal Consultation is recommended for partial placement pricing.

Great method for adding length, volume, and/or color…

*Last 3-6 months with proper care

H-W-E Microlink Extensions Full Head

Price: $600.00 - $900.00+

This is the most popular hair extension craze because there is no braid, no glue, no heat, and no chemicals, which leaves the hair very healthy, vibrant, and of course, longer when taken out. The hair is reusable, and can be re-tightened without taking out the entire application, which means it can last longer.

*Last About 3-5 months depending on hair growth and proper care.

H-W-E Microlink Full Integration Sewn

Price: $250.00/$40+

This is one of our braid less Extension methods. This method is achieved by using micro locks with needle and thread for this attachment. Weft Extension are added for fullness and length. Can be worn in a high ponytail.

H-W-E Lace Front Sew In

Price: $250.00 - $275.00+

The lace front sew-in, is a sew-in closed with a lace closure or frontal. The invisible lace frontal is used to close in the sew-in weave across the front hairline. If someone is extremely thin around the front, balding or want a more natural look without incorporating their own hair, and have no interest in wearing a high ponytail, this is a less expensive approach than wearing a full invisible lace wig.

*Last 6-8 weeks with proper care

H-W-E Seamless Extensions

Price: $250.00+/$40 per

This method is done using a hair tape system in applying. This fairly new and safe skin weft technique is the fastest and flattest method done today. Excellent for people who want length and or volume and still have a very natural look.

*Last 4-8 weeks with proper care.

H-W-E Natural Hair Augmentation

Price: $160.00 - $185.00+

This sewn method gives you partial coverage. The hair is cleaned & conditioned. A braided foundation is created. The wefted hairs is then applied with needle and thread for a finish completed look. This method requires leave out of your own hair for coverage. Lastly the hair is precisely cut and styled to the clients desire.

*Lasts 6-10 weeks with proper care

H-W-E Full Closed Hair Augmentation

Price: $225.00+

This sewn method gives you complete coverage. The hair is cleaned & conditioned. A braided foundation is created. The wefted hairs is then applied with needle and thread for a finish completed look. This method is completely close with wefts making your closure or a stand alone closure can be added. Lastly the hair is precisely cut and styled to the clients desire.

*Lasts 6-10 weeks with proper care

Handcrafted Human Hair Sewn Wigs

Price: $275.00+

Our wigs are truly custom. These wigs are constructed and sewn by hand on a wig base with adjustable straps; not a stocking or net cap. Custom wigs are weaved in a similar form as our Natural hair Augmentation. We mold you for best fit you pick your hair, color & style. The wig is then cut and styled to the your liking creating a natural flowing look. Shhhhh….no one will ever know your wearing a wig! Closures can also be added if desired.

*Lasts 6-12 months

H-W-E New Glueless Quick Weave

Price: $75.00 - $95.00+

The hair is first prep and molded, the hairline and hairs are completely covered and protected from the bond using our mask. Weft extension hairs is then applied using a bonding agent, finishing with cut & style. Recommend for women who love change or just want to try something new without long term commitment.

*Lasts 2-4 weeks.

New Glue Free Full Lace Application

Price: $150.00+

With this method the hair is cleaned and condition a flat foundation or mold is created. The hairline is then covered for protection preventing stress on the perimeter of the hairline. The Lace unit is then applied, dried and finished with cut and style.
A Natural and unbelievable look, mostly described as “it looks like its growing out of the scalp!” This is a full coverage hair addition.

*Lasts 3-6 weeks with proper care.

H-W-E Net Hair Augmentation

Price: $225+

This Method is done by braiding or linking existing hair creating a foundation. Then attaching protection netting to part or entire head prior to applying wefted hair to the pre-constructed foundation and netting area. Finishing with cut and style. This method can be used for full or partial coverage. Closures and other hair pieces can also be added for a customized look.
This method is recommend for women with thinning or hair loss to conceal those areas.

*Lasts 6-12 weeks with proper care

H-W-E New One Hour Detachable Weave

Price: $275.00+

This technique is precisely molded and measured; the weave is then constructed and securely attached using needle and thread. This is a great solution for weave wearers looking for an alternative with the same great results and natural look.
You choose your hair color, length, and style. Can be used as a full weave or Detachable Sew In.

*Reusable for 6-12 months with care.

H-W-E Eyelash Tabbing Enhancement

Price: $30+

Individual eyelash clusters are adhered to the un-lining lash creating a natural look giving more density or length; whatever is desired. Great for special day or an everyday natural look.

*Lasts 1-2 weeks with proper care.

H-W-E Make-up Application

Price: $50/75

This application is the basic makeover: Face prep, Foundation, 2-3 eye colors, lips, strip eyelashes, and your ready for whatever…Fabulous! Airbrush, Event, or Runway makeup available at an additional cost.

Please call for onsite quotes.

H-W-E Weave Maintenance

Price: $65+

This service is a complete weave restart service. It includes cleansing, conditioning, scalp treatment and restyling. This treatment is highly recommended if you a consistent weave wearer. Cleaning the scalp is very important and cannot be completely achieved by regular cleansing alone. This treatment leaves the scalp and hair sanitized and refreshed making it harder to attract bacteria build-up and odor.

Recommended at least once monthly.

Hair Maintenance /Shampoo and Style

Price: $50/60+

This hair care routine gives you a fresh start. The hair is cleansed, conditioned and restyled for fresh look. Recommended at the least once biweekly. This keeps the hair free from oil and dirt that weighs the hair down.

*Lasts about 1 week with care.

H-W-E Extension Removal Services

Price: $25.00 - $150.00+

This service removes any hair extensions after an installation process has been installed. Complete removal includes removal, shampoo and condition.

Invisible Full /Partial Raw Virgin Lace Units

Price: $600.00 - $1100+

All units made with highest quality material and finest Raw hair Available . All Units Available in different textures and cap designs to meet and exceed your needs. Custom coloring available. These units are absolutely Gorgeous !

H-W-E Consultation

Price: $50.00

Consultations are always recommended at Hollywood Hair Extensions. Your head shape, texture, and density will be analyzed. The look you are attempting to achieve will also be discussed. We give you our honest and professional opinion in regards to what amount of hair and technique needed to achieve your desired results. Every head shape, texture, hair density, and color is not the same; specifics are discussed and chosen during the time of consultation.

Consultation fees are applied to initial service or hair order purchase. Average time 30 mins.

H-W-E Raw Virgin Hair

Price: $120.00 - $260.00

This hair is acquired ethically by purchasing it from the temples of young healthy women. Highly versatile, the hair comes in natural textures and colors such as straight, wavy, curly. It is smooth with lots of movement, luster, and shine. Raw hair can be colored any color because the cuticle has not been chemically removed; freeing the hair from tangles shedding and matting. Custom coloring available.Hair is reusable and will last 8-12 months or more with proper care.
Our hair can be custom into Wefts, Clips, Wigs, Frontal, Skin wefts & Closures…
Lengths 12-30in Longer lengths may need to be ordered in advance.

*Also available in Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, European & Chinese. Call for additional pricing.